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Welcome to the MUSOH BLOG!

Here’s my dilemma. My native language is Japanese and it is certainly easier for me to write things in Japanese. The deeper and more complicated the subjects are, the harder it gets to put them down in English. However, Japanese writings would become nothing but noises to non-Japanese readers and that could be annoying.

On the other hand, English texts might alienate some Japanese readers, including my family, relatives and friends and that’s not good either. So I guess I’ll write some entries in English and some entries in Japanese. I’m not going to write every entry in both languages, for I simply don’t have time. You might miss out some stories and my hilarious jokes (yeah…), but I’ll try to write enough materials to entertain you. We’ll see.

I’m excited about my new project and the upcoming show, so I’ll be writing about that for the next month and a half or so for sure.
Stay tuned!

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